BARK Ball 12-2015

A BIG Thank you to our friends at the Tides Tavern for a really fun event! And Thank you, to our friends who came and supported Alpental BARK! We really appreciate you!

Check out upcoming Workshops at Alpental, WA

+ Companion Rescue

+ Avalanche Awareness

+ Mountain Safety

For more information, go to EVENTS page, or click here for workshop dates, and registration go to:

Alpental BARK is a non-profit volunteer-based mountain rescue organization dedicated to reducing avalanche related injury and death.

Since its formation in 2004, Alpental BARK Dog Teams have responded to avalanche incidents and lost skiers and snowboarders, finding and assisting in the rescue of many individuals.

Alpental BARK is made up of Alpental Professional Ski Patrollers and members of the WSDOT who have certified with their dogs as Avalanche Rescue K9 teams. These Alpental BARK members work full time as avalanche forecasters, avalanche control and rescue personnel.

Alpental BARK provides specialized resources to Washington State Winter Search and Rescue groups and local law enforcement agencies.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the North Bend Theatre in support of Alpental BARK for Movie Night!


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